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  • How to fit your Cowboy Boots

    Have you ever seen a pair of cowboy boots that you had to have but worried about getting just the right fit? Your friends at BootBay are here to help!

    Cowboy Boots

    Sizing Up your Cowboy Boots

    There are four major aspects to the proper fit of any cowboy boot.

    No pressure:

    Each boot has an area in the front called a 'toe box'. Underneath the leather within this toe box is a resin soaked, fiberglass like piece of cloth that has been hardened so the boot will keep its shape. This area will never stretch! Therefore, it's important that you are able to wiggle your toes. They shouldn't be pressured by the front of the toe box, the top of the toe box, or on the sides of the toe.

    Firm handshake:

    The boot should hold the ball and instep of your foot much like a firm handshake. Since this is the only part of the boot that holds it onto your foot, it's quite important that this area be snug. The boot should not be so tight that there is pain or discomfort, but this part of the boot will stretch with use (except for some exotic skins), so a snug fit here is important.

    What About the Slip?:

    As you walk in new cowboy boots, the heel of your foot MUST rise up away from the sole of the boot just a little bit. We describe it as a finger's width of rise. If your heel is rising up more than an inch the boot is either too long or too wide. Some rise is normal, and will diminish as the boots break in. This happens because the sole of the boot is very stiff, and doesn't flex quickly. As you wear them and the boot molds to your foot, this slippage won't be as noticeable.

    Even Support:

    There is a break in the boot between the heel and the ball of the boot. This break must line up with the arch of your foot. If it does not line up, you may feel a line of pressure across the bottom of your foot -- almost as if you were standing on a ledge. Or it might feel as if something is pushing up on one side of your foot. It's important to note that, if you've been wearing sandals, loafers, or tennis shoes, the support offered by cowboy boots will feel quite different from your shoes. Only you can tell if the pressure you feel is because of the support, or because something doesn't line up. If an arch doesn't line up, then generally speaking you should try a different brand of boots. Every manufacturer uses unique molds for their boots. As you find the size/brand combination that fits you best, you'll be a happy boot-wearer for life.

    Some other thoughts:

    Your foot should not slip into a new boot easily. A properly fitted pair of cowboy boots will require some effort to pull on. Ideally, there is a hesitation, and then you hear and feel a thud as your foot falls into the boot. Also, your feet are not identical. One is larger than the other, or longer, or wider, or has a different instep height. Regardless, one foot will slip a bit more in the heel than the other. Don't worry! This is natural. You are better served by fitting the larger foot, as extra room in one could be taken up by an insole, an extra sock, or even a thicker sock. However, if a boot is too tight there is very little that can be done. Actually, if it's too tight in the toe box, then nothing can be done except to exchange them for a larger size. Finally, the time of day that you try on a new pair of boots does matter. Throughout the course of a day, most people’s feet tend to swell for a variety of reasons. We recommend that you wait until the afternoon or evening to try on a brand new pair of boots since this is generally the time when your feet will be most swollen.



    The process of breaking in a new pair of cowboy boots is often one of the most confusing and misunderstood aspects for new cowboy boot wearers. Once the cowboy boot fits according to the standards we have set above, use these four tips to help break them in.


    Coat your new cowboy boots with natural leather conditioner. Not only does this help the leather begin to soften, many products also have the ability to help clean and protect your leather. If you have boots made with exotic leathers, be sure to find a conditioner made specifically for these specialty cowboy boots.


    For the first six to eight outings, try for at least two or three hours of wear. Continued wear allows your body heat and moisture to permeate the boots, softening the leather. Over time, your boot's heel, insole and outsole conform to the shape of your foot, providing a more flexible and comfortable fit.


    We know it's hard... but be patient! We truly believe that a high quality pair of cowboy boots is an investment that you will only begin to enjoy more and more with continued wear. Believe it or not, the more you wear your new boots, the better they will feel and fit! Remember that initially, the proper fitting boot will require some effort to put on. We promise, the perfect fit in a beautiful new pair of cowboy boots is definitely worth the wait! However... There is one major exception: Soft leathers, such as goat or cowhide, have more elasticity than exotic leathers. Most exotics, such as alligator or ostrich, should be fitted with little to no additional stretching required. We could not be more excited that you have decided to try a brand new pair of cowboy boots! With so many brands and styles to choose from, we believe that these simple tips above will help you become a cowboy boot lover for life!  By Josh Jones





  • Yeti is the Coolest

    Helloooo Internet!

    So, it has been a while since our last post. We have all been super busy with researching the latest products to bring to you, the consumer! We strive on having the best items available, which is why I wanted to write this blog about the hard shell Yeti coolers!Yeti

    After some internet browsing, I found an article by a gear junkie (her words, not mine) about her experiment between 3 different coolers (Yeti Tundra 45, Igloo Yukon 70, and Kelty Folding Cooler) to determine which one could handle the heat of August the best, which was noted to hover around 90 degrees. So, she loaded each one with 10 pounds of ice and let the sun and hot air do its worst. For three days, the coolers were in the elements. Here are the results:

    24 hours: The Kelty is taking the worst beating, with a substantial amount of the ice melted, but still solid ice remains. The Igloo is still holding mostly ice, with a small amount of water underneath. The Yeti presents no noticeable change with very frozen ice still in tact.

    48 hours:  The Kelty is out of the competition. Although it was a valiant effort, it just could not handle the heat. There is more water in the Igloo, but the ice remains. As for the Yeti, there is also more water, but it isn't as melted as the Igloo.yeti_hard_coolers_2

    72 hours: Although the Igloo was the largest contender, all of the ice has melted. Yeti is the winner with about half of its ice left!

    Conclusion: Yeti managed to keep its cold interior temperature the longest. This proves the effectiveness and the toughness of the Yeti. So, what are you waiting for!? Get your Yeti today and enjoy the summer!


  • Summer is HERE!!! Are your little ones ready?!

    Hello lovely readers!

    It is finally time for summer!! With the kids out of school, it's the time of year for backyard camping, adventure parks, and lake swimming! Now, while many parents enjoy outdoor activities while the sun is high and blazing, not all of them are prepared with adequate footwear for the little rascals to run and jump and play in! So for that reason, I have comprised a list of the best sandals we offer (in no particular order) for all of your child's outdoor needs!

    Kid ChacoLet's start with the best of the best: #Chacos. If you're looking for your child's "Sole" mate (see what I did there :) ), then #Chacos are the top selection. Known for quality, durability, and comfort, these sandals are great for all outdoor activities and are available in dozens of colors and patterns.



    Next we have the #Keen #Newports. Also comfy and durable, these sandals come with a non-marking rubber outsole that can provide superior grip to all surfaces, as well as secure fit laces to keep the shoes snug on a child's foot. These sandals are great for camps and running by the lake because of the water-resistant aspect, and can even be appropriate for church with the leather uppers that add a classy look to the otherwise rugged style.

    merrell kidNow, if you have raised a little waterbug that is wet more than dry in the summer, the #Merrell Hydro sandal is perfect! These things are built for the water with a quick-drying upper and a rubber toe guard that protects those delicate little toes from the rocks and debris. Also with a superior grip, the Hydro sandal provides traction on even rocky surfaces. Plus, the price is great, costing roughly $50 for a durable and lasting sandal.

    So there you have it! Now your child can have stylish and Frogg toggdurable sandals that will withstand the elements without comprising on style. And since your child will be running around like a headless chicken, we have to make sure he/she stays cool in the summer heat! So, don't forget to get your #froggtogg #chillypad! Made of super-evaporative material, the Chilly Pad retains water while remaining dry to the touch, it is an innovative way to cool down easily while remaining comfortable. All it takes is for you to wet the towel with water, wring it out, and apply for hours!

    Happy Summer! -Heather

  • The Softer Side of Yeti

    We all know the name "Yeti." If you have been around for at least a couple of years, you will know that there is more to the name than just a hairy creature that resides somewhere in the Himalayas (so they say). #Yeti #coolers and drinkware sales have skyrocketed lately as people are realizing that the products are as durable and amazing as the company led on! So, we could go on and on and on about how incredible Yeti products are, but frankly, there are just too many reasons to name! So, for this week, we are going to focus on the lesser-known Yeti cooler known as the Hopper. Check it out:


    The #Yeti Hopper is the first 100% leakproof PORTABLE #coolers that is designed to withstand the toughest conditions, while being so well insulated that ice will keep for days. So not only is it reliable and convenient, but it is also easy to carry and designed for those that like to take their drinks and colder items with them, whether it be on a boating adventure or a tailgating party.

    Available in 3 sizes, the Hopper 20, 30, or 40, each one has its own perks (like size, weight, carrying capactity, etc.) but I believe that the size you decide to get is all about personal preference and levels of activities. So although the perks are somewhat different, all of the Hoppers contain the same 3 key elements: Dryhide shell, Hydrolok zipper, and Coldcell insulation. The Dryhide shell is made from the same material used in whitewater rafts and survival suits, so you can safely assume that this #cooler will never leak and won't puncture. The Hydrolock zipper makes for a watertight closure that is still easily accessible. Lastly, the Coldcell insulation provides for a deep and lasting chill that keeps your items colder, longer.yeti2

    To wrap things up, the most important thing to remember about the #Yeti Hopper is that is provides the same great benefits associated with the #Yeti brand, but you can take it ANYWHERE! It is personal, portable, and soft-sided, which makes any situation more enjoyable and more comfortable.


  • Sanuk: Thai for "Fun"

    Good lovely afternoon all!

    The product highlighted this week is Sanuk, the creator of the #yoga mat-made #sandals. Yes, yoga mats. The reason for using the soft and durable yoga mat is to allow you to have a feeling of being totally laid-back and in full weekend mode. And, believe it or not, the sandals are not only super comfortable but are stylish too!sanuk

    Now, one would think that a sandal is a sandal; there is only so much you can really do with a footbed and a few straps. WRONG! Sanuk has mastered the technique of producing foot accessories. So, I have taken the liberty of putting together a style guide to all of the many yoga sandals that Sanuk has to offer.

    Yoga Sling 2: All sandals feature a yoga mat footbed as well as breathable and ultralight fabrics that hold your foot in place. This particular style features a thong strap that goes between your toes and then wraps around your heel. With a larger piece of fabric that stretches across the top of your foot, they are perfect for a day at the beach or a night on the town.

    Yoga Slinger: Built with the yoga mat footbed and colorful fabrics, this style is most similar to a normal style of flip flops, but much cuter and more comfortable.

    Yoga Sling It On: With a toe-loop similar to those seen on Chacos, this style also features one strap over the top of your foot and another across your foot from the toeloop to the outer side of your foot.

    Yoga Slinglet: With the thong style in mind, this sandal takes it further by stretching across the top of the foot and wrapping around the ankle for a more stylish and classier look.

    sanuk2So, go check out our newest Sanuk #sandals and let us know what you think in the comment section below!


  • Rainbow Sandal Care

    rainbowIf you have been to our #Sandals page, you have most likely seen the adorable line of #Rainbow sandals that we carry! Crafted by hand, these shoes are durable and built to last! Now, I know that for me personally, I am pretty hard on my shoes, especially the ones I wear often or outside. My sandals always look like I let a dog drag them through the mud a few good times. This makes them super unattractive if I am planning a trip down the boardwalk or attending a nice dinner date (which is rare, but it can happen!). Below is an outlined guide on how to care for your sandals (mostly for leather ones):

    1. Dirt: Make sure you are using lukewarm (not hot or warm, since that can damage the leather soles) water and add a drop or two of dish soap. Stir to combine. Take a rag, dip the end in the soapy concoction, and squeeze out the excess water. Gently dampen and wipe off the dirty areas with small, circular motions. If there are large dirty areas and the cloth just isn't cutting it, use a soft-bristled toothbrush. After the dirt is removed, use a clean paper towel to wipe off any damp areas. Be thorough as a soap residue can damage the leather. Air drying is always best before you wear them again.
    2. Odors: Your first move should be to leave them out in the sun for a few days without wearing them. This really works if they are just beginning to smell. If that doesn't get the odors out, wet a couple of paper towels with rubbing alcohol (don't get them soaked, just dampen them) and drape them over the parts of your sandals that come into contact with your feet. Leave them for a couple of hours. As a last resort, put your sandals in a 1 gallon zip-lock bag and pour in half a cup of baking soda, as this stuff is super absorbent and effective at removing stinky smells. Seal and shake the bag to coat the sandals. Leave them for a few days to ensure all of the smells are gone.Now, obviously washing your feet thoroughly is a key factor into the smell and cleanliness of your sandals. So, wash between those toes and don't forget your heels!


  • Stop. Hammock Time.

    Relaxing in your Grand Trunk Hammock

    Springtime is here, which means that it's getting warm enough to spend the afternoons and evenings outdoors! If you are anything like me, there is nothing more relaxing than laying in a hammock, rocking in the sun, and reading a good book....or just sleeping...that's fun too. So, since I am in the "I-need-to-relax-before-I-scream" mode, I decided to have a little fun and comprise a list of 10 amazing facts about hammocks that have probably never heard before. Here we go:

    1. National Hammock Day is a real thing July 22nd is the day that everyone should take a break from life and enjoy the ultimate symbol of relaxation and comfort. That day isn't too far away, so now is the time to get your #ENO hammock, which is a leader in the industry for comfort and portability, or with the #Grandtrunk hammock that is stylish and affordable! 2. Mayans get the credit Those Mayans sure were a clever group, weren't they?! They developed the year-round calendar, gave chocolate its own God years before Europeans even knew if its existence, and created the hammock! Since hammocks were originally woven from the Hammack tree, which is native to Latin America, I think it's safe to say that we know the origin of the name.Colton-Jones2 3. You sleep better and deeper Science has proven that the actual physics of the hammock is what makes you sleepy, not the serenity of your location or landscape. The rocking motion of the hammock encourages you to feel more like a baby being nursed by your mother, which creates a deep and completely satisfying sleep. 4. North Carolina is home to the largest At over 42 feet long and woven from over 10,000 feet of rope, this giant hammock can hold up to 800 pounds, so the whole family can get in on the fun! 5. Christopher Columbus introduced hammocks to Europe Although most famous for discovering the Americas, Columbus also copied the hammocks that he saw the Indians sleeping in and transported the idea back to Europe in the 15th century. 6. Hammocks in the workplace Feeling rested is a key factor for higher productivity levels in employees.  So, what could be any better than taking that afternoon nap in a hammock at work? This concept is on the rise for several of the world's companies. 7. A hammock in the sky8f95ab-1390802141_1_640 Probably one of the most terrifying ideas for acrophobia is the hammock over a massive canyon in Utah that is hangs 492 feet above the ground. Just google it. The pictures are crazy! 8. Ferrets prefer hammocks as well Yes, I mean the little weasel-like creatures. It allows them to curl-up in their favorite sleeping position, which resembles a doughnut, and being suspended relieves pressure from their joints and bones, which would otherwise come into contact with harder surfaces. To sum it up, hammocks are just comfortable. 9. Hammocks are good for your health To give the brain optimal blood circulation rather than congestion, and to encourage less obstructed breathing, hospital beds are designed to lay the patients on their backs while slightly elevating their heads. Interestingly enough, this is the same that hammocks provide. 10. Some hammocks are simply trash, but we don't sell those. I mean this in a good way. You can collect around 500 plastic bags and do your bit to save the planet. With a little man-power, you can weave your own hammock!

    Hey before you go check out our hammocks! click here

    Happy relaxing!


  • Hoka One One: For the Runner in All of Us

    With the flowers blooming and allergies stirring, you can tell that springtime has arrived! The fresh air and constant sniffles is a great reminder that bikini season is just around the corner! So, if you're like me, its time to lose the winter coat and shed a few pounds before sunbathing on the beach.

    Although it's not my favorite exercise, running is one of the best ways to get your heart rate up and lose some weight. Running tones your thighs, calves, and glutes (who doesn't want a better one of those?!), and it can also help to strengthen your core muscles. Now, if you have ever ran in your life, whether it was required for junior high gym class or the ice cream truck was getting away, you know that having good support and cushion are key factors in performance. That's where Hoka One One, comes in!Hoka

    Hoka One One is committed to the development and creation of the best running shoes for all terrains and races. Because there are a lot of factors that go into making the best running shoes, Hoka has designed two shoe lines that can adhere to every runners' needs, known as Neutral and Dynamic Stability.

    The Neutral line of products allow for maximum cushioning and performance. The Max Cushion shoes feature the highest volume of cushioning material that allow for a springy, responsive ride. The Neutral line also contains the Lightweight shoes, which allow for a lighter shoe without skimping on cushion and support.

    The Dynamic Stability line is designed for increased stability on whatever terrain you're running on, whether it be track, rocks, or just somewhere off the beaten path. This line has also created a groundbreaking blend of running and hiking shoes (Tor Ultra Hi and Tor Summit) to help runners dominate mountainous areas. They are designed to increase stability on uneven terrain while still providing comfort and support.

    So, now that you know the difference between Hoka One One shoes, check-out our website and find the best pair for you!

    Drop a comment below and tell us where your favorite place to run is!


  • For the Outsiders

    Hello All!

    As many of you know, the new 2016 Merrells have arrived! Now, although we have a huge selection of Merrell sandals and hiking/trail runners, the new Capra collection is really something to hoot and holler about! Check it out:

    goatSome might be wondering what in the world "Capra" means (I know I asked!). Well, it is actually a type of goat....yes, a goat. Known for its excellent climbing skills, the Capra mountain goat is nature's ultimate climber, they live in higher elevations, like the Rocky Mountains, South Dakota, Colorado, etc. Because they possess special hooves, they can climb steep mountain sides with little issue, which is why they usually live in areas that are 3,200-16,500 feet about sea level.* So, the Capra collection allows you to be one with the goat: you can remain sure-footed on climbs and can withstand uneven terrain longer.

    So, the Capra collection is available for men and women (yay for equality!). The possess a fluid fit, which is a lightweight, flexible, and secure lace-to-toe design that has a Stratafuse™ exoskeleton that moves with your foot.

    The grip is also something that Merrell should be proud of. Insipred by (you guessed it) goat hooves, the Vibram® Megagrip keeps you sure-footed on uneven and mixed terrains, giving you excellent grip without compromising durability.

    Lastly, these puppies are comfortable! They have this technology infused in the midsole called Unifly™, which cushions your foot and helps to absorb the terrain. Since they fit firmly against your foot, stability and agility is nothing to worry about.

    So, for all of the hikers and outsiders out there, check out the new Capra collection from Merrell!


    Until next time, Heather


  • Chaco Culture: The Need-to-Knows

     At this point in life, almost everyone knows what Chacos are. Whether you own a pair yourself, are looking into purchasing some, or are just curious about the brand, boy, is this is blog for you! Today, I will cover several topics related to Chacos, like what they are, proper care, why people are so obsessed with them, and things of that nature.

    For the Adventurer!

    Chacos were born on a Colorado river in 1989 by a rafting guide who was just plain tired of constantly losing his shoes in the river. So, he developed the sandal that possesses webbing straps that pass through the midsole of the shoe and wrap around the wearer's foot. It's almost like a seatbelt for your feet! From personal experience, I can say that Chacos will stay nice and snug, whether you're tubing and take a tumble over some rocks or fall down a flight of stairs on your way to class.

    These sandals are designed for those who are outdoor-minded. They are simple and versatile, provide long-lasting comfort and support, come in about 1,000 different colors and designs, and are super durable.

     Styles for All!

    chacosSo, for the most part, people seem to recognize Chacos based on the "Z" design of the straps across ones foot... or by those CRAZY tan lines that Chacos give you!

    There are 4 main styles of the Z-series of Chacos: Classics, Z-Cloud, Z-Volv, and Updraft.

    • Classics: The original Chaco that started it all. It has the patented LUVSEAT© footbed that provides support for every bone and muscle in the foot, as well as ensuring that your natural body anatomy is aligned correctly. The Classics are also available is various silhouettes (shapes of the straps) and webbing options (colors and designs).
    • Z-Cloud: A step above the Classics, this style contains a pillow-top plush layer for added comfort. These are perfect for hiking or sightseeing through a new city.
    • Z-Volv:  Also with the LUVSEAT© footbed, this style has the lightest construction of them all and are also constructed using 25% recycled rubber compound for those who are making moves to save the planet.
    • Updraft: Offers the right balance of support and doesn't take long to get broken-in to your foot. Also lightweight, this one provides lasting comfort and support.


    Chaco also has several accessories for those who just can't get enough of their webbed straps and designs. Available in belts (belt buckels double as bottle openers), wrist wraps (made in the USA), dog collars (adjustable and durable) and dog leashes (6' in length and can fit around your waist for hands-free walking).

    Chaco Lovers, Unite!Chaco outdoors

    Fun fact: Since 2010, the ReChaco program has repaired more than 300,000 pairs of sandals, which has saved hundreds of thousands of pounds of waste from entering landfills. The ReChaco program allows for Chaco wearers to have their beloved sandals repairs, whether it be resoling outsoles, shorten/lengthen straps, or replace webbing or buckles (all for a small fee), the ReChaco team can repair most styles of Chacos. Only the following styles can be repaired: Z/1, Z/2, ZX1, ZX2, and ZX3.

    Now, we all know that sandals and get pretty stinky and dirty depending on where and how often they are worn. So, here is a quick guide on cleaning your Chacos:

    1. Wash with a load of laundry with mild detergent or baking soda and water. (NO BLEACH)
    2.  Do not wash in the dishwasher- heat can damage the adhesives on the soles.
    3. Air dry away from a heat source.
    4. For the straps: Wet the straps with water, squirt some fabric softener into the slot for each strap, and pull back and forth (loosen and tighten) to clear gunk out.

    Three core values draw Chaco lovers together: Adventure, Travel, and Community. These are the values that Chaco Nation lives everyday. Whether you are constantly seeking purposeful and epic experiences, broadening your horizons in the remote wilderness or far-off lands, or are compelled to interact and connect with others, the Chaco Nation is where you belong!


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